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4335 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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Companies today use labels and coding/marking equipment for countless applications such as pricing, product or case identification, promotion, bar coding, RFID applications, inventory control, etc. Because your application is important to you, our team of experienced packaging professionals will evaluate your needs and recommend identification solutions that bring value to you and your customers.

APM offers coding and marking solutions for your case, carton or pallet identification needs. Whether you want labeling systems to print and apply labels to your containers, or print directly onto the case or carton with a high resolution ink-jet printer, laser coding systems for creating a clean permanent mark on an extensive selection of surfaces, or high-speed thermal transfer overprinters, we can provide you with high-performance units that will streamline your operation and enhance the quality of your labeling.

If your solution requires labels or stickers for applications ranging from general production use to custom printed labels using process or spot color to reinforce a brand image, our knowledge of the needs and standards for a broad range of industries allows us to pay particular attention to substrates, face stock, adhesives and the application and environments in which it will be used in order to deliver products that perform exactly as specified.

Through long-standing strategic partnerships with the finest label and coding/marking equipment manufacturers in the United States, we can take your label from concept to completion and provide you with the equipment and equipment integration services solutions necessary.